Past Life Regression


Much has been said about the existence of past lives. Much controversy exists. The string theory is yet to be proved, the existence of these memories seems to be a farce. My job is not to go into the science. For that, I would like to point you towards many research papers and views that are on both sides of the coin. You decide what you want to believe. What I have come to understand, is that when people use this process of regressing into past lives, the resolution happens, for many issues, in this life.

If you have issues such as phobias, fears, unanswered questions that plague your life, relationships that don’t work, you can fix time with Meenal to guide you through a guided past life regression (PLR) session. Through this modality, as with all others, the understandings become deeper, resulting in more peace of mind. You are able to release some of the traumas that you are holding on to,  from the understanding of why you do what you do, why the patterns exist, what you need to do to break those patterns.



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