High Frequency Healing Workshop

This workshop will take you on a self exploration journey, to help you find all the answers within and give you a deeper understanding of your soul purpose. Why you are here on earth, and how to find the path forward. You will be enabled to receive HFH Energies and guidance messages, through which you can start healing yourself and others.
Topics covered
Initiation into HFH energies Understanding the connect between Energy, Mind and Body
Tools to attract positive energies in life Receiving and seeking guidance from Akashic Messages
Healings with HFH energies (Self and others)



High FrequencyHealing Energies (HFHE)

The “Illness is of the body. The soul is perfect. Focus on the soul. The body will follow. You are strong. Believe in your strength. Positivity in everything, including your health. It will heal. You will heal. There is no dis-ease inside.” (Through guided writings, received by Meenal)

Physical diseases are mostly a manifestation of the imbalances that exist in our emotional and mental bodies. When the emotional frequencies shift or the limiting beliefs and programs break, the impact can be observed on the physical body.

What to expect after the healing session?

Observe yourself over the next few days, following each session.
The energy flow (healing) does not stop when the session ends.
The healer is simply playing the role of a courier. S/he is not aware of where the healing will occur, and how. S/he might receive a message during the healing process, or not. The healing might happen towards the ailment you were seeking to cure, or to something else that you might not even be aware of. It might bring an immediate shift in your physical/emotional/psychological state of being, or could show up through any medium.. all are ways that the healing works. Hence observe!

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Curated by Meenal Madhukar


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