Who says that chaos is not in order?

The intricate web of chaos that you see around you.. is in complete order, except that you are not able to connect each thread with the other.

All that you see is disjointed lives, running parallel to each other, sometimes you see the connectors too… At times you are able to see a little bigger picture but at all times, you cannot see the web in its fullness…

Imagine a spider who builds a thousand webs
At the same time, one over another
She in each one of them
Sometimes here
Sometimes there
All for her own self
She knows that she might catch a prey
every now and then
But the webs are for her
When she looks at herself from the outside
She feels she is the prey
Stuck she is!

But when she looks at it from the inside
She knows that she knows her way around
The web can’t hold her
She is the creator of the web
She knows her way in and out of it.

From the outside
There’s chaos
In the inside
There is order
On the outside there is confusion
But inside there is clarity
There is no prey
Nor the predator
Not the hungry spider
Not the entangled dinner
Just the play of a bored spider
Looking for some excitement
And so, the chaos
To keep her entangled
In her own web.

Enjoy the chaos, as you enjoy the orfer…all is in perfection.

Received with gratitude