What do you pray for?
Why do you pray for?
Who do you not trust…
What do you fear…
Who needs your prayer?
Why do they need your prayer?

What you might wish to understand about the word prayer…
If you are praying, in desperation.. to save something or someone, to get something, to avoid something, to receive something… Then the prayer is vibrating at the frequency of your fears, desperation, worries and lack.

It doesn’t mean anything else. Simply that. The universe couldn’t care less for your words. It is receiving your vibration at all times. So, while you might call it prayer or any other word, it is simply a synonym for worry, fears, anxiety… Don’t garb your worry in fancy words. Garbage it… yes, garbage your worry, your fear, your prayer..

If you are praying to say a thank you or simply to acknowledge the miracle of your breath, the prayer is vibrating at the frequency of now… The universe couldn’t care less, what words you use, it is receiving the vibrations of peace and joy. You are calling it prayer, but it is your frequencies of gratitude that the universe is catching and reflecting back at you.

The prayer doesn’t have any meaning of its own. You give it meaning, with the vibration that you are at.

When you understand this, you will not need you to utter any prayers. You are the prayer… 💞💞😉😉

So, don’t pray for anything, anyone anytime… At least not with fear, or worry, or anxiety.

And if you are planning to pray in gratitude… Let that prayer be every moment. Then, you never have to pray again..🤣🤣 Did that confuse you..