Grief.. one of the most difficult emotions to let go of, to deal with. Grief is not just fear of loss.. It is the emotion of loss, already manifested in the “real world”.
As someone who grieved the loss of a father, every single day for 16 years, i appreciate the power of this emotion. And for some, it does not have to be an external loss.. It could be a loss of an organ, a body part.. I will share about that, on another day…
For today, this…
Those who have suffered the loss of another being.. whether physically or emotionally., I would like to share with you a simple process that might help you overcome your grief..
The first shift is through understanding… whether through death or any other reason, the loss is of the body, the 1% actor, the one who had roles, given by you and others. Just because the body is no longer around, does not mean that their energies are not. So, while you no longer can access the body, understand… that you are energy, with free access to their energy.
Tune into their energy, ask them why they did what they did, and what message do they have for you, in the energy state… Their body is bound as the actor, not their energy!

How do you ask in the energies?
1. Sit in peace. Do the positivity process for a couple minutes (link is given in the tools.. put your doubts into the candle about whether the process will work or not 😊. Energies, you know , are not bound by time or space, they work in frequencies.. so we will use this property of energy, to tune into them.
2. Say the line.. I wish to connect to the frequency of ……. (Person/animal)
3. Now, simply ask, If they have a message for you.
Whatever thoughts come to your mind right now, write them down… These thoughts are coming from their frequency. You are channeling them I.e… you are tuned into their frequency channel… It’s simple. You were probably already doing it a hundred times in a day, but not aware of it.
People often ask me… How do I know it is not my own mind that is playing tricks? Your own mind is a transmitter and receiver of frequencies at all times. It is constantly receiving, sending and processing thought… So yes, every thought is ALWAYS your own, but at different frequencies… And at this point, the thought that you are receiving and processing is from the frequency that you have just tuned into.

Why should you want to do this?
Because whether you are grieving today, or you grieved at some point in your life, that energy is sitting in your energies field. (Energy does not work in time. Just because years have passed by, does not mean that the energy is released. )
When you become aware, you have the choice to keep it or transform it.. remember, energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.
So go ahead, take that first step towards transformation. Make that shift within.