Awareness… a simple word. A complex animal!
How about you start to look, yes…simply look, at all the places where you operate from (a) fear of rejection, (b) worry of tomorrow and (c) doubt on yourself! You will find the list to be endless!
Then again, awareness is at many levels. Becoming aware of our own emotions is the first step, one that accompanies all the other steps.
The next is recognizing and honouring the divine, in your OWN self AND the OTHER. Yes, the walk is on both the bridges, at the same time. I am Shiva. And so is the other! If Aham Brahmasmi then twam too! (Hahaha…my apologies to all the Sanskrit scholars reading my post and pulling their hair!)
Look at your life journey. Most times, you either honour yourself or you honour another.
“How can I honour both wishes at the same time. I want to stay at home, my partner wants to go out?” You ask, puzzled!
The answer is simple… the honouring is not of the body… remember, the body is only the actor, the experiencer. Shift the focus to the energies. If the other person is creating resistance within you, look into this emotion of resentment, frustration, rejection, and even resignation! Look underneath, deeper. You will find either fear or guilt! When you are able to observe the underlying thought, the work of awareness is done. Now, you may take the next step of honouring the other. How?
Each time, you are looking to talk to someone that you are angry with, upset with, fearing rejection from… before talking to them, follow this process:
1. Observe your fear/guilt.
2. Sit quietly, and make the following affirmation again and again for several minutes.. I am ……… and ………. Is me. There is no separation. Whatever I tell……… is what I am telling myself.
3. Become the other person just for a minute, and hug ‘you’… (in your thoughts). In the energies, you have just honoured them and you.
4. Now go talk to them.. You will find that you will be more at peace with the outcome, no matter what it is. It might still be the fight, but you will have more peace in your heart! And when you do notice soon.. that the outcome itself has started to shift, BE IN GRATITUDE. to this oneness.
Once again, the mahabharata outside, is never important. Only the mahabharata that is playing within. So, go ahead, make that shift within!