Meenal's Journey

Mani is none of these and Mani is all of these

A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Statistics, two Masters Degrees in Business Administration, a 25 years career in financial services had tuned me to become a logical, numbers driven person, with a tiny little bit of intuition, just about enough to  guide me away from bad business decisions.  Through the years, I prided myself on these skills and sharpened them… after all, these were the skills that had been responsible for my success! And then two years ago my world was turned on its head.

It all started when a colleague’s mother handed me copy of “Many Lives Many Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss.  Before that, I had never even heard of past life regression. I protested strongly, not wanting to read that book, but the lady insisted!  I grudgingly took the book, never intending to read it. A few weeks later, as I was heading for an early morning flight, I absentmindedly picked up that book from my shelf (!!!). In the flight, with no other choice at hand, I started to read the book. And as I did, the only thought that crossed my mind was that this was a mastermind hoax! I did not know Dr. Brian Wiess and my only interest after reading the book was to bust this ploy and to find loopholes  in this ‘ridiculous theory’. With that intent, I went ahead and ordered all of his literature.  By the time I finished the fourth book, I knew that whether i believed in the theory or not, the process of going into past life helped people cope with the issues in their present lives. With this discovery, my interest took another turn and now, I started to research on how I could assimilate this knowledge and help other people. The ride had begun.

Over the next few months, as I moved through a labyrinth of new found knowledge, my journey became more and more interesting, intriguing… to the point where I completely lost myself and became this other person…

this person who believed in stuff that was metaphysical, that wasn’t yet proved, with logic that did not work. There was no stopping me. I moved from one method, to another, and to another. Books came to me, suggested by others, that I would have never dared to read. But once I opened myself to the experience, things just started to drop into my lap. A Healing book was put in front of me, through sheer coincidence. It is only now that I know that there is nothing called ‘sheer coincidence’! But there I was, suddenly healing myself, just by reading the book and following instructions. A book on messages came to me. Again, I don’t recall how. And I sat, just putting pen to paper, and before I knew it, the messages were flowing. For a minute I thought I was writing my most wonderful innermost thoughts on paper and calling them as messages from above. But a second glance at the messages that were coming through, gave me the knowledge and the understanding that this was something much deeper. Something that I was being prepared for, something that I never knew existed until that moment. But now that I knew it existed, there was no way that I was going to let go of this beautiful experience.

Life has flown ever since. Day after day, a new experience unfolding, a new path opening up and all of it has been beautiful. And then, one day, a message came to me that I needed to remove myself from everything else that I was doing – my work, my financial services career; and put myself in the hands of the universe that would show me the way forward. There was no doubt in my mind that this was not a conscious thought from my conscious self… after all, I loved my job, I had worked very hard over the past seven years to make a name for myself in the area that I was working in. Why would I leave my job? But the message beckoned and after only a few moments of hesitation, I knew this was the right thing for me to do. I wondered what my path forward was… And the message came…to heal many people. And to take this work forward.

And so here I am.

This is my journey so far, and it is only the beginning. I invite you to join your path with me, and to understand that the bliss that I experience, is not from outside but from within. The knowledge that comes, is not from outside but from within. Life is a wonderful blessing and I invite you to make the very best of YOUR life.

Come let’s party together!
Meenal Madhukar

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