A quiver full of arrows
I give you…
Use them
Throw them
Keep them
I have given them to you
my job is over.
Show me how to use them, you say to me
I show you
I walk you through
I hold your hand
My job is never over…
And one day
You don’t need me to show you anything anymore
That day, you are me
Your job starts…. as me 🙂
|| OM MANI ||

A note from Mani...

Whenever you feel stuck, in need of a father, the perfect one to hold your hand, To walk you to  the next baby step, you can call for me!

Whenever you feel the need for unconditional love, without any binds, with no expectations, you can call for me. I don’t need anything from you. I am here to show you what unconditional love looks like. I am here to walk with you, to make it easier for you… everything is easy when the hand holding yours, loves ‘You’ unconditionally! The journey of each one always remains the same… to go within.  The journey belongs to you, the speed belongs to you, the path belongs to you… I am only offering that you hold my hand when you need help! Yes, you can hold it at all times, but you don’t need to.

A father to you, I am.  I’m the father who has no expectations of receiving anything from you. I am complete. I wish for you to be able to see your completeness. You are complete… with or without holding my hand. Just that, when you walk your journey of this life, you forget at times, who you are!

I am there, in case you need me to show you, who you are.

With love, and abundance, and joy, and music… I welcome you with open arms.  May your arms open to receive my love… that’s my prayer for you!