Unconditional love towards self..
List three things that you don’t do well or don’t like about yourself, and now, express your love towards those three attributes..
Example.. I love that I am lazy (if you are always beating yourself for being that), I love the way I cook (if you think you are not a good cook)…

“If we love all the bad things about ourselves, how will we ever improve? हम सुधरेंगे कैसे?” You ask.

My question back at you… If the world didn’t have a grading system for everything, would you look for improvement or would you be happy the way you are? As a matter of fact, you were perfectly happy being your own self till your parents/ teacher/friend/ spouse/children made you feel ashamed for it.. and then you wanted to compete, to improve, to become “better”!

Before you start to blame these actors in your life, just one more question …why was the grading system created in the first place!

Because our energies, our 99… wanted to experience guilt and fear, and there is only one way to do it.. by creating duality. All the adjectives in grammar, good, better, best worst… are created for this one purpose alone😂😂 And yes, we took the body form on earth, purely to ‘experience’ . As energy, there is nothing positive, nor negative, nothing good nor evil, so to create our experience, grading scales needed to be created.

And now, as we come in awareness of it, we can choose to let go of the grading system. Everything is in perfection already. It is as it needs to be. All that remains, is for us to enjoy that perfection.

So, what should you do.? Just observe all the places you have been conditioned to measure, to compare.. . And with awareness, start to ‘let go’ of the perceived meaning of every word that creates a ‘comparison’ for you.
Then there will be no place for improvement, only for enjoyment.

As you let go, your outside actions might continue to look the same, but your inside emotion will start to shift.. from that of inadequacy.. to peace, from that of turmoil,.. to peace, from that of judgement ..to peace.

So, go ahead. Make the list. Shift.